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By ARCHIE COMICS on 1/30/2012 10:21 AM

Archie's towel gone missing? What else could go wrong today?

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By ARCHIE COMICS on 1/30/2012 8:11 AM

Jughead wouldn't need all of those good luck charms if he had his hat!

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By ARCHIE COMICS on 1/30/2012 7:53 AM

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By JRotante on 1/30/2012 11:00 AM

Betty's looking pretty as a princess on her wedding day in this beautiful fan art by Ryanna C. of OH! For more of Betty's marital bliss, be sure to grab a copy of the classic Archie "Will You Marry Me?" graphic novel, the highly-acclaimed Married Life Book 1, or get a subscription to Life With Archie!

By ARCHIE COMICS on 1/27/2012 1:45 PM

Hmm... The Shield is understandably at a loss for words.

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By ARCHIE COMICS on 1/27/2012 12:15 PM

- Major Spoilers reviewed the third part of Archie Meets KISS and call it "slam-bang fun that seems to effortlessly leap all the hurdles to an awesome story earning a dead-solid 5 out of 5 stars overall."

- Platform Nation  reported on Vol. 1 of Mega Man and their recommendation was to "dive headfirst into a book that can be enjoyed by both adults and kids."

By ARCHIE COMICS on 1/27/2012 11:15 AM

Who knew Weatherbee was a closet "Gleek"?

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By JRotante on 1/27/2012 11:00 AM


Betty's looking a little stressed out (but still cute!) in this cool fan art by Joseph V. of MN! Let's hope she clears her head in regards to whatever it is that's bothering her - and let's hope Archie doesn't interfere!

By ARCHIE COMICS on 1/27/2012 6:43 AM
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ARCHIE #629 "ARCHIE MEETS KISS PART 3 - Rock 'n Roll All Fright" - In part three of the most historic team-up in comics, the Archies learn more about what brought the KISS members to Riverdale, and how the two groups have to unite to stop a band of monsters from turning Riverdale into a forgotten town, full of zombified teens! Script: Alex Segura Art & Cover: Dan Parent Variant Cover by Francesco Francavilla 32-page, full color comic 

By ARCHIE COMICS on 1/26/2012 11:06 AM

Even Veronica's unfortunate fashion faux pas won't keep the boys away!

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