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12/6/2012 3:34 PM RssIcon

By Steven Scott

USA TODAY spoke with Star Trek icon George Takei about his appearance in Kevin Keller #6 which marks the first time a real life celebrity shows up in the Kevin title.

An Archie from his youth, Takei was flattered by the chance to be featured in an Archie Comic and the publisher couldn't be happier to have him guest star. Archie Comics' co-chief executive officer Jon Goldwater expressed his excitement at the prospect - "Sulu was always my favorite character on Star Trek so I said do whatever it takes to get him in the comic."

In addition to USA Today's coverage, The Associated Press' interview with Takei spread fast across the media with by The NY Daily News, The Washington Post,  Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, The Washington Times, ABC News, E! News, MSNBC, Mercury News, SF Gate, Star Tribune, Yahoo News, Salon, SunHerald, Comic Book Resources, Robot 6, The Beat, and hundreds more. 

Takei also dropped by G4TV's Attack of the Show to promote the comic and the actor expressed how pleased he was that writer/artist Dan Parent drew him with more hair! Check out his interview after the break.




All in all, Mr. Sulu's stop in Riverdale has been a memorable one and will go down in Archie Comics history as one of the best guest spots ever.

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