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NEWSARAMA interviews Victor Gorelick on The Art of Betty and Veronica plus signing at The Strand


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1/14/2013 9:18 AM RssIcon

By Steven Scott

Archie Comics released its very first art book The Art of Betty and Veronica to great acclaim and now Archie Comics Editor-in-Chief/Co-President Victor Gorelick has spoken with Newsarama about putting the book together. Gorelick spoke on multiple topics, including how Archie Comics came up with the idea of publishing their very first art book, how they kept up to date with the fashion in the comics in relevance to the decade they were currently in, the artists that have worked on Archie Comics, as well as upcoming art book projects.

"It took us about a year to get this whole thing together, from beginning to end, from when we first started until it was printed. We have to start working on our 75th anniversary book — it's four years down the road, so we're already a little bit behind schedule," Gorelick joked.

Having recently been listed on both USA Today and AOL’s Comics Alliance’s holiday gift guides as well as spotlighted by Publishers Weekly, The Art of Betty and Veronica has been pulling in fans and reporters alike. 

After having signed at Barnes and Noble and Midtown Comics, The Art of Betty and Veronica signings wrapped up at The Strand bookstore last week in NYC. Gorelick was joined by co-editor on the book, Craig Yoe, as well as current Archie artists Dan Parent and Fernando Ruiz.

You can check out the discussion with the whole team at The Strand after the jump.



If you haven't gotten your copy of The Art of Betty and Veronica yet purchase it HERE

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