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FAN ART: Betty and Veronica


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1/22/2013 11:00 AM RssIcon

Everyone make way, the princesses have arrived! Princesses, that is, until one of them is crowned prom queen! Betty and Veronica are looking pretty in pink (and purple!) in this awesome fan art by Savannah and Jamie F. from AZ! Are you already starting to get anxious for prom season? Can't wait to see the "in" colors for spring? Have you already purchased your dancing shoes?! Ok, there's still some time before the prom frenzy rolls around, but you can get your fill RIGHT NOW by picking up a copy of Betty & Veronica: Prom Princesses. Even if you're not going to a prom any time soon, you can still experience for the first time, or re-live, the magic of prom night! 

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