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2/6/2013 11:18 AM RssIcon

Comic Book Resources interviewed Kevin Keller writer/artist Dan Parent about the latest issue of Kevin Keller as well as new plot lines involving Kevin’s love life, and what to expect as the series enters its second year.

Between meeting the legendary George Takei, being nominated for a GLAAD Media Award, and even participating in the Archie Meets Glee crossover, it seems as if he doesn't have much time for anything else. Well, now there’s one more thing to add onto his full plate: Dating!

Kevin Keller #7, on sale in comic shops today, introduces a new boyfriend to Riverdale’s newest sensation. Parent told CBR, “We'll see where this boyfriend leads him. It may be long term. It may be short term. I mean, these are teenagers.”

Here is some additional info on Kevin Keller #7: "Decisions, Decisions!" – Where’s Kevin? Archie and the gang haven’t seen him in a while and begin to wonder what their pal is up to. Must be school obligations and work, right? Nosy BFF Veronica is determined to get to the bottom of his absence and spots him with a new friend. However, Kevin seems distant about his new friendship and when his parents inquire, Kevin is reluctant to share. Is this just a friend? Has Kevin found a boyfriend? Has Veronica finally driven him up a wall? Find out in this issue!

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