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2/7/2013 8:01 AM RssIcon

Today MAC stores all over the country are stocked up with the brand new MAC Archie’s Girls collection. This past Wednesday evening, MAC stores across the nation hosted preview nights for the brand new ARCHIE’S GIRLS line in New York City, Garden City, Atlanta, Newark and many others.

The events were attended by makeup, comic book, and retro enthusiasts alike who got to sample out the product before anyone else.  In addition to the stores being decked out in Archie-themed art, there were also Archie models taking photos with the customers and “Sugar, Sugar” playing over the speakers to set the tone for the night.

The new line has garnered quite a bit of attention as of late. Most recently, Vanity Fair has spotlighted the new collection, adding to the enormous amount of press it has received so far.

Want to get in on the fun and find out if you are or someone you know is a Betty or a Veronica? Then head on over to MAC Cosmetics and take a look at the Betty and Veronica makeup and various other awesome items they have to offer!


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