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Betty's Story Time

Betty's Story Time 

Once upon a time, in the little town of Riverdale, girl-next-door Betty Cooper was the best storyteller of all! Check out Betty's favorite fairy tales and bedtime stories in this 100-page Digital Exclusive. Take a trip to the Land of Ooze and meet a weird Wizard! See some classic nursery rhymes get madcap modern updates! And could that lowly frog be the Prince that Betty's always dreamed of?! Read on, fairest reader of them all, and live happily ever after! This Digital Exclusive features 100 pages of funny fables, nursery rhymes, and fairy tales!



Reggie & Me #4

When Reggie's new dog, Runty, learns that he was going to be sent back to the animal shelter, he runs off to find his old master! Devastated, Reggie teams up with his new girlfriend Lindsey and his pal Jughead to find his little lost friend. Can Reggie show Runty that he really cares?

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