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Huffington Post and many more spotlight new Kevin Keller story


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8/7/2013 11:50 AM RssIcon

KEVIN KELLER #10 is on sale in comic shops today, and it’s been generating quite a bit of buzz. The historic issue features Kevin’s first kiss with his boyfriend Devon, which sparks some outrage from a local mom. The Huffington Post hosted a video interview yesterday with Dan Parent and previewed the issue as well as the Kevin Keller: Drive Me Crazy trade, which features internet icon George Takei. Word of the interview spread to popular news, pop culture, LGBT and comic sites such as Buzzfeed, GLAAD, Salon, Bleeding Cool, Comic Book Resources, IMDB, AOL News, School Library Journal, Daily Kos and was featured on NY Post’s Parallel Worlds Hot Picks of the Week list.


Grab a copy of this momentous issue today at your local comic shop!

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