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ARCHIE COMICS FIRST LOOK: Dilton #3 and Jughead's Cousin That Wilkin Boy Digital Exclusives


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10/25/2013 12:49 PM RssIcon

We've got two brand new digital exclusives for you today on the Archie App! Get to know more about everyone's favorite brainiac Dilton in the next fun installment of "Dilton Doiley Dropout!" Then get ready for the always-zany adventures of Bingo Wilkin in the Jughead's Cousin That Wilkin Boy digital exclusive!


Dilton's new job at Snarley Tech isn't shaping up like he thought it would. His team of employees, who are all older than him, resent him for getting his position so easily! While he struggles to fit in, the Riverdale High gang begin to wonder if Dilton was on to something by dropping out of school! Can Archie set them straight before it's too late? 


When Bingo Wilkin isn’t playing in his band, The Bingoes, he’s just an average teenage boy, in love with the girl next door—the super-strong Samantha Smythe. Her father, Sampson, sure wishes he wasn’t, though! Bingo’s rambunctious, clumsy antics are a sight to behold—he can be a real handful. Check out the crazy antics of Bingo and his silly friends in this 150-page Digital Exclusive! - See more at:

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