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The Archie App’s Top 10 Digital Exclusive Must-Haves


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12/27/2013 10:49 AM RssIcon

The holidays may be over, but the fun has just begun! If you got a new computer, iPad or iPhone over this holiday season, you’ll have access to over 50 awesome digital exclusive books. To help you out, we’ve come up with the Top 10 Digital Exclusives that you’ve just gotta check out!

Archie & Friends Seeing Stars!

10. Archie & Friends Seeing Stars!
For a little town, Riverdale sure does see a lot of celebrities! This book collects some of Archie’s latest and greatest celebrity appearances, including George Takei, Lady Gaga, and Michael Strahan. At over 140 pages, you can’t go wrong!

Best of Cheryl Blossom

9. The Best of Cheryl Blossom
Add a little spice to your Archie collection with this collection of Cheryl’s best stories. This HUGE book clocks in at over 300 pages, and is bargain-priced at $7.99!

Archie & Friends: Mother Knows Best

8. Archie & Friends: Mother Knows Best
Celebrate the magnificent mothers of the Archie gang with this 100-page collection! Makes an excellent gift on your mom’s new iPad.

Betty & Veronica: Fashion Frenzy!

7. Betty & Veronica: Fashion Frenzy
This is a no-brainer for fans of fashion. It’s over 120 pages, and only $2.99! Then, follow it up with it’s sequel, Betty & Veronica: Fashion Fever!

Betty & Veronica: New Year's Resolutions

6. Betty & Veronica: New Year’s Resolutions
Now that 2013 is over, it’s time to figure out how to make your 2014 even better! Read over 100 pages of the gang’s New Year’s resolutions and see if you get any ideas!

Archie: The Vampire Saga

5. Archie: The Vampire Saga
If you’re looking for some post-Twilight reading, Archie’s got you covered! This collection of vampire stories is a little bit silly, a little bit scary, and a whole lot of awesome! There’s over 100 pages of bloody good drama here to enjoy.

Archie & Friends: Winter Wonderland

4. Archie: Winter Wonderland
It’s officially winter! Even if it’s not snowing in your town, you can join in on the winter fun with the Archie gang. Curl up under a blanket and read over 100 pages of snowy stories.

Betty & Veronica Friends: Girls Rule!

3. B&V Friends: Girls Rule!
The lovely ladies of Riverdale take the spotlight! Betty, Veronica, Ginger, Nancy, and the rest of Riverdale High’s girls show just how awesome they can be in over 100 pages of fun.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch: 50 Magical Stories

2. Sabrina the Teenage Witch: 50 Magical Stories
For Sabrina’s 50-year anniversary, we’ve collected a whopping 350 PAGES of Sabrina’s greatest appearances. Not only that, but this book features a NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN story outline of Sabrina’s origin, written by Sabrina co-creator George Gladir himself! It’s a fantastic deal at only $9.99!

Team Betty     Team Veronica     Betty VS Veronica

1. Team Betty / Team Veronica / Betty VS Veronica

Archie can never decide between the girls, and neither can we! But YOU can! These 100-page books focus on either Betty or Veronica winning Archie’s heart. Choose your side once and for all! Or, if you’re a little more like Archie, pick up Betty VS Veronica instead. It collects the contents of both Team Betty and Team Veronica, and adds an extra 100 pages of the girls’ best battles over the redheaded goof!

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