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Comic Book Resources Debuts Exclusive Art for Upcoming Mega Man X Backup


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1/24/2014 1:49 PM RssIcon


Comic Book Resources has debuted exclusive artwork from the upcoming Mega Man X backup taking place in Mega Man #34, which is on sale February 19, 2014.

CBR also spoke with series writer Ian Flynn and editor Paul Kaminski about the much anticipated debut:

"it was something that was very much on our radar from day one, but it was also something we weren't able to do for a little while. It became a priority of ours, particularly in the aftermath of "Worlds Collide," because that story ended up being a gigantic success for all three video games titles. Now, for "Mega Man," we need to make sure that the fans continue to have the kind of cool events they've been asking for."

"Those who don't know anything about X and who are coming in fresh will still get that vibe from it. There's all this talk about hope and a bright new future and opportunities, but there's always an edge to it where you know something is going to happen. It's just a little bit darker than Mega Man classic, which is what people love about X."

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