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Archie Riverdale Rescue - New Update


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1/28/2014 10:14 AM RssIcon

The newest update to the ARCHIE RIVERDALE RESCUE iOS game is now live! This update features:

* NEW Valentine's themed quests for a whole range of your favorite Riverdale residents.
* Spin the Bottle Feature lets you spin for more XP, Cash, relationship bonuses, or an instant finish for your tasks!
* NEW Valentine's Clothing Packs for your favorite characters, including the Cupid's Arrow Pack and the Lovers' Gift Pack
* Riverdale's wildlife gets a Valentine's theme with doves, swans and even Valentine's squirrels.
* Riverdale's buildings and trees get a romantic makeover.
* Valentine's themed decorations, trees and flowers in the store for a limited time only.
* Trash and energy re-balancing to help you keep your Riverdale spotless.
* Confirmation pop-up when spending sodas.
* Bug fixes for decorating quests.

Be sure to check it out! And if you're enjoying the game and loving the newest update, consider giving us a 5-star rating on iTunes!

Get the game by clicking here. For updates visit Follow us on Twitter at @TheArchieGame or on the Archie Comics Facebook page.

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