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Kevin is once again making headlines, this time with a first look at his partner! The Huffington Post picked up the story of this exciting development which made waves in the press when it was originally announced last month. Comic Book Resources interviews writer Paul Kupperberg on the story as well Co-CEO Jon Goldwater who says of the event, "It's all about making (Kevin) a part of Riverdale and what the town is. Riverdale is a place where you are socially accepted. We don't make any political statements around here." For an extended preview of the issue and more Q&A with Jon Goldwater, AOL's Comic Alliance has the scoop. The story's writer, Kupperberg, responds to any criticism with this. "For the average reader, there are ways to tell these stories without rubbing this in anyone's face or running any kind of agenda. Just tell the story." Goldwater adds, "It was quite an intense reaction, but I suspect that will subside and he'll be accepted just as he was in the other comics." Kupperberg is now the second person to write a story featuring Kevin following writer/artist Dan Parent, who introduced us to Kevin in the best selling Veronica #202. When consulted about the development of his creation in Life With Archie, Goldwater says Parent was "extraordinarily supportive" of the direction they were taking him. 


Coming off San Diego Comic Con's big announcement of Kevin Keller's ongoing series, New York Comic Con is set to make an even bigger splash with this latest milestone in not only the history of Archie but the history of comics as a medium. Deservedly so, as Goldwater states, "He's the most important new character we've introduced in the comics since the original five." Archie's New York Comic Con Panel will be held Saturday, October 15 in Room 1A02 from 1:30PM - 2:30PM where Kevin's wedding will be elaborated on by the staff behind Archie as well as many other announcements! Kevin's big day is just on the horizon and you're invited when you Subscribe to Life With Archie!Don't forget to read some of your favorite Archie comics digitally - download the Archie app!

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