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Today on Archie Digital: She's Josie #5


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11/23/2011 9:12 AM RssIcon


Way-Back Wednesday brings you back to a time before cat-costumed girl bands in She’s Josie!

The precursor to the better-known Josie & the Pussycats comic book, She’s Josie featured the title redhead and her blonde friend Melody who would later become the drummer in her band. They are joined by the smart, sarcastic and raven-haired Pepper – a character that would unfortunately not stick around to see the Pussycats perform. The series was similar to the various adventures Archie and the gang would have in Riverdale.

Josie’s world would be forever changed in 1969! With the success of Archie’s Saturday Morning Cartoon, as well as The Archies’ musical popularity, a decision was made to redevelop Josie and friends into a teenage pop band! Many changes were made to the book’s cast and style of stories. Pepper would disappear without explanation along with both her (brawny Sock) and Josie’s (mischievous Albert) boyfriends. Instead of merely dealing with teenage troubles, Josie and Melody would meet new-girl Valerie and form the musical sensation known worldwide today!

This issue takes place before the fame – but is still as enjoyable! See Josie try to convince Albert to dress-up in “Necktie Party”! View Melody and Pepper acting like each other in “Let’s Play Switch”! Watch as Albert attempts to win over Josie’s dad in “We Aim to Please”!

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