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Mega Mail! With Dr. Wily (2/2)


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9/29/2011 6:34 PM RssIcon

Wily Icon.jpgI, the brilliant Dr. Wily, will discover Mega Man's weak point by analyzing his fan mail! This letter is from Angela C. of Spokane, WA covered in flowers and butterflies. This doesn't bode well. Or perhaps it's an elaborate ruse?!

Question Icon.jpgDear Mega-Staff, Firstly, congratulations on taking up this challenge. Mega Man/Rockman is something that I believe is tricky to get 'right.' We've seen some failures of 'westernized' version of Mega Man before so please treat him well.

Wily Icon.jpg"Treat him well"....well a steak...YES! I must build a giant heat ray cannon!

Question Icon.jpgI just finished issue no. 1 and I am glad that you followed the story. I also loved how you gave Neige from Mega Man Zero 4 a cameo. I always wanted to see her active in her profession, it was a real treat.

Wily Icon.jpg"A real treat"....trick-or-treat...I must trick him into standing before the heat ray!

Question Icon.jpgRoll looks adorable, I love the city-scapes, and I think you got Dr. Light's relationship with his babies right on!

Wily Icon.jpgBah!

Question Icon.jpgThe only issue I have concerns Rock.

Wily Icon.jpgDo tell!

Question Icon.jpgI consider myself to be rather fond of the Mega Man world as I have spent my - entire - life with it. So I felt a little sad that Rock in this version had blue eyes and brown hair instead of green eyes and black hair. He was so unfamiliar to me that at first I didn't know how he was!

Wily Icon.jpgAh, blame Thomas's shortcomings. If it were up to me, things would've been done right!

Question Icon.jpgI know it's way too late to change the color for this year's issues, but could you consider a change in the future?

Wily Icon.jpgOf course! I'll simply pull up these images online for reference and...that's a lot of blue eyes. And there's some brown hair. Hmm.

Question Icon.jpgRespectfully, Angela C.

Wily Icon.jpg matter. Trap doors and heat rays it is!

Question Icon.jpgP.S. Thank you for not calling Rock "Mega."

Wily Icon.jpgHe'll be scrap when I'm through!

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