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Mega Mail! With Dr. Light (1/2)


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10/4/2011 6:36 PM RssIcon

Light Icon.jpgGood afternoon, everyone. My name is Dr. Thomas Light, and today I'll be answering a letter from Christopher M. of Abilene, TX.

Question Icon.jpgDear Mega-Mail: I subscribed to the Mega Man comic series and got my 1st issue the other day. I wanted to say what an excellent job you all did on it.

Light Icon.jpgThank you very much, Christopher!

Question Icon.jpgIt reminds me a lot of the games I played back then. The story and art are fantastic. Is it possible that in the future you all will be doing a "Mega Man X" series too?

Light Icon.jpgLet's not get too ahead of ourselves, Christopher. We haven't even gotten through Mega Man's second adventure! But if the comic proves to be a success, there might be a chance of a "Mega Man X" title. We'll just have to wait and see.

Question Icon.jpgKeep up the good work. Chris M.

Light Icon.jpgWe'll do our best. Thank you for writing in!

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