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Mega Mail! With Dr. Light (2/2)


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10/6/2011 6:37 PM RssIcon

Light Icon.jpgWelcome back, everyone. Today's letter comes from Cole P. of Springfield, VA.

Question Icon.jpgDear Mega-Mail, I LOVED Issue 1!

Light Icon.jpgI'm so very happy to hear that!

Question Icon.jpgI first saw Mega Man in a magazine that did Mega Man 10 the video game. But when I heard about the comic series, I impatiently waited for the epic first issue. When I got it, I LOVE IT (as stated previously)!!!!

Light Icon.jpg Hahaha, so you did.

Question Icon.jpgI am now your #1 fan officially. I know the series is just starting, but I don't want anyone else to claim their "fandom" before I do!

Light Icon.jpgNow-now, no need to get too competitive. Rock appreciates each and everyone one of you. Besides, I believe Auto already claimed the number one spot.

Question Icon.jpgBye! Hope this gets printed! Cole P.

Light Icon.jpgAnd so it has - on the Mega Blog! Thank you for writing in, Cole.

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