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USA TODAY unveils what’s next for Archie: A very Valerie wedding!


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12/12/2011 11:39 AM RssIcon

USA Today has broken the news that Josie and the Pussycat's own bassist Valerie will be back in the pages of Archie - and she'll have big news to share with everyone's favorite redhead! It looks like Valerie's family will be making Riverdale their permanent home, which bodes well for the relationship between Val and Archie. But not everyone's thrilled with the news - especially Betty and Veronica. A love triangle is one thing, but a love square?

Dan Parent, the writer and artist behind Archie's new fling, tells USA Today that, "the fans can expect the next step in what I think is the most romantic story in Archie history." Valerie's return will give readers a glimpse at an additional future where she and Archie have wed. Could it turn out that Valerie is Archie's one and only? Pick up Archie #631 and read on to find out!

Additionally, iFanboy commented on the stirring development, and is "predicting one of the hottest rock romances in a long, long time." Bleeding Cool also picked up on the breaking news.

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