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Mega Mail! With Cut Man (1/2)


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10/11/2011 6:38 PM RssIcon

Cut Man Icon.jpgHey there, Mega-fans! Cut Man here, and I gotta say, it's 'slice' to meet you. Let's cut to the quick and get to this letter from Jonathan S. of Spokane, WA.

Question Icon.jpgDear Archie, I think the Mega Man series is gonna be awesome! I laughed a lot when I read the Short Circuit! Also, have some questions:

Cut Man Icon.jpgOoh! Ooh! Was it the comic with me in it? That was the funniest, right? I always said I was cut out to be a comedian.

Question Icon.jpg#1. Is Proto Man going to be in the comics?

Cut Man Icon.jpgHe sure is! Not for a bit, though. Y'know how he is - gotta make his dramatic entrance.

Question Icon.jpg#2. Is Mega Man going to face the Mecha Dragon?

Cut Man Icon.jpgWell it wouldn't be a proper Wily Castle without the Mecha Dragon, now would it?

Question Icon.jpg#3. Is Rockman going to go through rooms where the walls are alive?

Cut Man Icon.jpgYou mean those weird gooey rooms from Gemini Man's stage? Yeah, Mega Man will have to deal with those.

Question Icon.jpgHope you put more surprises in the comics! Sincerely, Jonathan S.

Cut Man Icon.jpgJust keep reading, Johnny. You'll be amazed by the 'shear' number of surprises we've got in store. HA!

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