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Mega Mail! With Gil D. Stern (1/2)


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10/18/2011 6:41 PM RssIcon

Gil Icon.jpgHey, so, as part of the department's out-reachin' programs, I'm gonna be reading some mail. Oh, this is federal agent Gilbert D. Stern. How ya doin'? Alright, let's do this, er...Marty M. outta Niskayuna, NY.

Question Icon.jpgDear Ian and Spaz,

Gil Icon.jpg Great. First day and I'm already stealin' other peoples' mail. That'll look good durin' review...

Question Icon.jpgDon't you think that in Mega Man #1 Dr. Wily is really stupid? He makes great plans and ruins it by telling it to everyone on the TV.

Gil Icon.jpgLemme tell ya, Marty, these psychopaths is all the same. They think they're big shots, see, and so they wants everyone to think so too. Was it stupid? Sure. Did it make our jobs easier? ...well, no, we couldn't do a thing to them robots. But if they weren't robots, it woulda been a cake walk for us.

Question Icon.jpgI have a Mega Man videogame and when all the Robot Masters attack, Dr. Wily blames it on Dr. Light. Thank you, Marty M.

Gil Icon.jpgYeah, I dunno about them two. Lab coats, thing for robots...funny hair. They're in cahoots, I tells ya. Anyway, yer welcome.

Question Icon.jpgP.S. Spaz, you draw awesome!

Gil Icon.jpgI'll pass that along, kid.

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