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Archie Meets KISS is "one fun story" that made iFanboy's Top 5 Events of 2011


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12/27/2011 6:01 AM RssIcon

By Steven Scott

Since launching nearly a month ago, Archie Meets KISS has accumulated a healthy share of accolades, and heading into the new year, the praise doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. iFanboy is the latest to praise the 4-part crossover as one of the Top 10 Events of 2011, and that’s just after one issue!

The Archie event is placed at #5, making it the highest ranking on the list that isn’t a Marvel or DC title. iFanboy previously honored the issue upon its release for having one of the best covers of the week. With three more issues to go until this epic concludes, there’s no telling how many more “best of” lists Archie Meets KISS will appear on!

Archie Meets KISS was recently highlighted on ABC News as one of the bold changes Archie has implemented over the past year, a characteristic the company is becoming known for with iFanboy commenting that "one of the most daring and innovative comic book companies these days is Archie Comics” and Comic Vine echoing that sentiment with “Archie Comics have made some pretty bold and exciting moves over the years.” To top it off, Comic Book Resources noted that Archie is "one of comics' most exciting and relevant publishers.” 

With so many exciting and innovative story lines in the works for 2012, including the romantic Archie Marries Valerie event plus the hotly anticipated wedding of Kevin Keller in Life With Archie, Archie Comics is more than prepared to live up to the hype!

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