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Fan-Picked Fan Mail - Knuckles (3/5)


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9/28/2011 6:45 PM RssIcon

Knuckles Icon.jpgAlright so, apparently, I have to keep doing letters this week. So here I go, live from on top of the Master Emerald, is more fan mail. Let's see...Josh C. from VA writes...

Knuckles Icon.jpgDear Sonic Grams, Hi, long-time Sonic fan here! I've been following the comics for a few years now and have caught up some thanks to the yearly collector sets on your site (shameless plug for ya).

Knuckles Icon.jpgOh yeah, I was supposed to try to sell comics or something. Thanks for the help, Josh.

Question_Icon.jpgBut I've got a couple questions about my favorite unsung Freedom Fighter, Rotor, that I hope you can answer!

Knuckles Icon.jpgIt's me this week.

roOh, I don't mind.

Knuckles Icon.jpg...what are you doing up here?

Question_Icon.jpgWill we see Rotor fight with the Freedom Fighters any time soon?

Probably not. I have my duties to the Acorn Council, and my back keeps me from too much activity. There are some days I'd love to get back into the mix, though.

Knuckles Icon.jpgDidn't we fight once?

Uh...yeah, yeah we did. But you were hallucinating. How do you remember?

Knuckles Icon.jpgI never forget a face. That I punch.

Question_Icon.jpgAnd will we see Iron Rotor from #215-216 appear again?, shouldn't use that anymore. Like I said, my duty is to the council.

Question_Icon.jpgYour #4815162342nd biggest fan, Josh C. Virginia

Knuckles Icon.jpgThanks for the help.

No problem!

Knuckles Icon.jpgNow get off my island.

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