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AOL’S COMICS ALLIANCE unveils Archie and Valerie’s baby!


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2/1/2012 1:18 PM RssIcon

By Steven Scott

Marriage is going around in Riverdale these days! First Archie tied the knot with constant flames Betty and Veronica in two possible futures. This carried over into the dual reality title Life with Archie which also showcased Kevin Keller’s big day last month. Now the time has come for Archie to do the unimaginable – marry a girl who is not Betty or Veronica! The Archie/Valerie relationship has been heating up since they originally hooked up over a year ago and this time it’s getting serious. Not only will fans witness what a potential marriage between the musically inclined couple would look like, but they’re having a baby to top it off! AOL’s Comics Alliance has all the details.

Archie CEO Jon Goldwater sums it up – “"To us, this is just another chance to tell a great story. The fans want more Archie/Valerie and we're making it happen." The storyline will be written and illustrated by Dan Parent who is coming off a stellar year with both the Kevin mini-series plus Archie Meets KISS marking career highs for the longtime Archie artist. Parent kicked off the Archie/Valerie romance previously and is now seeing it through to the happy couple starting a family. When the news of Archie Marries Valerie originally hit, the story made a splash getting covered by USA Today, iFanboy and Bleeding Cool.

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