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Sonic Grams - With Cream and Naugus (1/5)


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10/17/2011 7:01 PM RssIcon

Cream Icon.jpgHello everyone! It's a pleasure to see you again and to answer your fan mail. I wonder who my co-host will be this week?

Naugus Icon.jpgNone other than the sorcerer supreme, the master of the elements, IXIS NAUGUS!

Cream Icon.jpg...

Naugus Icon.jpgYou are left speechless with delight. That is perfectly understandable! Who is the first for the week?

Cream Icon.jpgM-M-M-Matt B. of L-L-L-Lexington, KY.

Question_Icon.jpgDear Sonic Universe, I love the Scourge arc and I actually hope he escapes. I can't also wait for the Babylon Rouges coming up. I do have a few questions. 1. Will any other villains have a starring role in future Sonic Universe stories?

Naugus Icon.jpgAs I peer into the veil that separates today and tomorrow I see...I see...YES! There will be others!

Cream Icon.jpgY-You can really do that?

Naugus Icon.jpgDon't pester me with your doubts, child.

Question_Icon.jpg2. Will any Archie specific characters get focus in future stories?

Cream Icon.jpgY-Yes, there will be some...some starring roles...

Question_Icon.jpg3. Any future crossovers with the Main Sonic Book?

Naugus Icon.jpgWhat occurs in the one pertains to the other. They are all crossovers!

Cream Icon.jpgB-But some will be m-more direct than others...

Question_Icon.jpg4. And Lastly, will the female villains get more respect someday? (equality rules)

Naugus Icon.jpgRespect? Respect?! Lien-Da is second only to the doctor within the Eggman Empire, and the Iron Queen saw greater, swifter success tahn any other villain!

Cream Icon.jpg...even you?

Naugus Icon.jpgEr, well...I'm taking my time. BIDING! Biding my time. Yes.

Question_Icon.jpgWell That should do it. Thanks for your time. Matt B.

Cream Icon.jpgYou're very welcome...

Naugus Icon.jpgWAIT!

Cream Icon.jpgEEK!

Naugus Icon.jpgThere is more!

Question_Icon.jpgP.S. Can't wait for the New Sonic Super Special Magazine.

Naugus Icon.jpgIndeed. Indeed.

Cream Icon.jpg(I'm gonna cry...)


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