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Sonic Grams - With Cream and Naugus (2/5)


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10/18/2011 7:02 PM RssIcon

Cream Icon.jpgBreath deep, Cream. You can do this. You went on a big adventure with Ms. Rose. You can deal with this.

Naugus Icon.jpgBehold! Another letter! HHHHHHHHHHA-HA-HA!

Cream Icon.jpg...mommy...

Naugus Icon.jpg Kadeem MJ of Palm Coast, FL, reveal your secrets to me!

Question_Icon.jpgDear Sonic Universe. Greetings fine people at Archie. A pleasure to write to you. I'm a big fan both literally and figuratively and have searched high and low for your Sonic comics gathering as many as I could. Currently I have a few questions.

Naugus Icon.jpgHe describes himself at large. Is that a challenge, Kadeem? IS THAT A THREAT?!

Cream Icon.jpgI think he was just being descriptive...

Question_Icon.jpg1) Is there a chance we may see a story involving Hope Kintobor in the coming year or so?

Cream Icon.jpgYes, she'll be showing up in the not-to-distant future.

Question_Icon.jpg2) Is there a possibility of any Chaotix based stories anytime soon?

Naugus Icon.jpg Ahhh, the servants of the Guardians!

Cream Icon.jpg...more like friends, actually...

Naugus Icon.jpgThey will see action soon enough. Pray it is not in conflict against me!

Question_Icon.jpg3) Will Predator Hawk ever meet up with the Babylon Rouges again?

Cream Icon.jpgIt's always a possibility. Villains seem to cross paths a lot.

Naugus Icon.jpgAre you implying something, little one?

Cream Icon.jpgNO SIR! NOT AT ALL!

Question_Icon.jpgYour #369th Fan, Kadeem MJ.

Naugus Icon.jpgHmm...the Quickster's supporters number in the hundreds. I may need to prepare for a greater war than anticipated...


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