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Sonic Grams - With Cream and Naugus (3/5)


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10/19/2011 7:03 PM RssIcon

Naugus Icon.jpgWhy do you tremble, little one? Are you cold? Shall I set something ablaze with my magical might to warm you?

Cream Icon.jpgN-No sir! Don't trouble yourself! I'm fine!

Naugus Icon.jpg Hmph. Fine then. You, James of Richmond, KY. Speak to me.

Question_Icon.jpgDear Sonic Grams, I've been a long time Sonic fan since I was a kid though I only started getting the comics for the past 3 years. I am looking forward to the stories to come and will do my best to make up all the issues I missed. I do have a few questions on some things.

Naugus Icon.jpgAlways there are questions. They're like my apprentice. "Did you account for this?" "Did you plan for that?" "How will you handle such-and-whatnot." BAH!

Question_Icon.jpg1) We've gotten origin stories on some of the villains like the Iron Queen and the Destrutix. Has any thought been given to one for the Weasel siblings? Only thing I know about them is that they hate each other and I remember reading somewhere that in Game Canon Nack (or Fang) is from the Floating Island.

Cream Icon.jpgI haven't heard that. I heard a rumor Nack was from another zone entirely.

Naugus Icon.jpgCurious. What is the real truth of the matter?

Cream Icon.jpgI-I-I don't know, sir. And I don't believe the weasels are very talkative.

Question_Icon.jpg2) While I enjoy the arcs in Sonic Universe will there ever be another arc made up of stand alone stories like the Shadow Saga?

Naugus Icon.jpgWas not "Journey to the East" like that?

Cream Icon.jpgIn a way. We might, Mr. James. If that is your preference, you should write in and let us know.

Question_Icon.jpg3) About how fast can Sonic travel without any outside assistance? I get a different reply depending on who I ask, from faster than light to he can only go that fast with the Chaos Emeralds.

Naugus Icon.jpgThe Quickster's speed in unnatural, but it is all his own. He can achieve the speed of sound of his own volition!

Cream Icon.jpgI don't think the limits of Mr. Sonic's abilities have been fully tested, but he's certainly incredibly fast.

Question_Icon.jpg4) I read somewhere that Blaze (in game canon) wears her long sleeved coat A) to hide burn scars from an accident she suffered using her powers and B) serves as a limiter to her pyrokinetic powers much like Shadows inhibitors on his wrists. Any truth to this as I'm getting conflicting info.

Cream Icon.jpgI don't believe any of that is accurate. At the very least, it's speculation at best.

Naugus Icon.jpgWhatever the case, she cannot overcome my fiery magic!

Cream Icon.jpg(I'd like to see you try to test that.)

Naugus Icon.jpgDid you whimper something?

Cream Icon.jpgNot a word, sir!

Question_Icon.jpgThank you, from a true blue sonic fan. James

Naugus Icon.jpgChoose your allies carefully, James.

Cream Icon.jpg...he can't see you pointing at the screen, sir.


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