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Sonic Grams - With Cream and Naugus (4/5)


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10/20/2011 7:05 PM RssIcon


Cream Icon.jpg AAAH!

Naugus Icon.jpgYour letter begins now!

Cream Icon.jpg's's okay....

Question_Icon.jpgTo anyone on Mobius reading this letter, I have been a longtime fan of the Sonic comic series through the good times and the bad. I really have been enjoying not only Sonic's latest adventures but also everyone else's as well! Scourge's current arc has been a nice change of pace and I cannot wait to see how it ends. I hope that we can see more of the anti-Mobians in the near future.

Naugus Icon.jpgAgreed! I am curious if my doppelganger is as powerful and cunning as I.

Cream Icon.jpgI...worry about my anti-self.

Question_Icon.jpgWhat letter would be complete without a few questions? Well I definitely have some that I would like to get answered!

Naugus Icon.jpgIndeed.

Question_Icon.jpg1. Dr. Finitevius seems to be awfully quiet lately. Will he be appearing anytime soon?

Naugus Icon.jpgKnow this, Christina. When a villain is silent, he is merely lying in wait. Biding his time. Preparing for the day when he will rise up and seize what is rightfully his! All will bow before him! Cherish these moments, for they may be your last! HHHHHHHHA-HA-HA-HA!!!

Cream Icon.jpg...eek...

Question_Icon.jpg2. Where is Bunnie in Sonic Genesis?

Cream Icon.jpgThere are many characters unaccounted for in the "Genesis" world. If only there was more time to find out about them...

Question_Icon.jpg3. Does Mina still have feelings for Sonic?

Cream Icon.jpgI think Ms. Mongoose harbors some affection for Mr. Sonic, but as a friend. She's moved on to have a very happy relationship with Mr. Ash and to have a very successful career.

Naugus Icon.jpg Yesssss...I've become a fan of her...motivational music. Hhhhheh-heh-heh-heh.

Question_Icon.jpgFinally I want to thanks to everyone that is involved with making the Sonic series the fun and entertaining read that it is. It's always great to go into the local comic book shop and see someone that is the same age as I was when I got my first Sonic comic be equally as excited to pick their copy up. Up, Over, and Gone, Christina W.

Cream Icon.jpgThank you for your letter, Ms. Christina. It was very nice.

Naugus Icon.jpgThe last letter comes tomorrow. THE END IS NIGH!

Cream Icon.jpgM-Must you always shout like that?


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