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The Occupy Movement Comes to Riverdale!


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2/21/2012 1:18 PM RssIcon

By Steven Scott

Bleeding Cool recently danged the possibility of an Occupy Riverdale story from Archie Comics and now to make it official! Never one to shy away from what’s happening in the world around us, Archie Comics will give its distinctive spin on the Occupy movement in an upcoming issue from Archie Meets KISS writer Alex Segura with art by Gisele Lagace. Bleeding Cool teased the possibility of an Occupy storyline earlier this month but now Archie Comics can confirm the rumor with the unveiling of this variant cover from Eisner Award winning painter Jill Thompson. Previously, Thompson gave fans a taste of her distinct take on the Archie cast on her Tumblr featuring Betty, Jughead, Archie and Veronica.

 From the cover image we can ascertain that things are heating up in Riverdale and Archie appears to be caught in the middle. Archie is often at odds with his affections for frequent flames Betty and Veronica (and most recently Valerie of the Pussycats) but how will he handle picking sides when his entire town is divided? Stay tuned as this story develops!

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