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Robot 6 picks Alex Segura’s brain on Occupy Riverdale


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2/23/2012 2:05 PM RssIcon

By Steven Scott

Lately, with any new move Archie Comics makes, the media takes notice. The announcement of Occupy Riverdale was no different with several publications jumping on the story since it was confirmed Tuesday. The upcoming storyline from Archie Meets KISS writer, Alex Segura, has gotten the comic book world buzzing and many questions have arisen. What’s up with that rad variant cover? Will the story stay true to Archie’s distinct style? And most importantly, which side will Archie himself take?

Robot 6 took some time to chat with Segura about his latest writing venture with artist Gisele where he attempts to shed some light on some of these pressing  concerns as well as get into the nuts and bolts of how the story formulated and Segura’s inspiration in the creative process. Check out the full interview here and read for yourself what lies beyond Jill Thompson’s amazing cover art!

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