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Preview Round Up - Kevin Keller #2, Mega Man #12


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4/5/2012 11:28 AM RssIcon


- Kevin Keller #2 finds our protagonist working hard as class president to come up with a cool theme for the prom. To top it off, Kevin needs to find a date for the occasion! Check out this Preview from MTV Geek and then Subscribe to the series so you don't miss an issue!








- Issue #12 of Mega Man brings us to the conclusion of The Return of Dr. Wily. Here is a glimpse of the epic conclusion courtesy of Destructoid. After one year of Mega Man, things are just getting warmed up so get your Subscription in now!


Both Kevin Keller #2 and Mega Man #12 on sale 4/11. Can't make it to the comic shop? Get them digitally!

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