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MTV GEEK Highlights MEGA MAN Artist Ben Bates


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4/25/2012 9:31 AM RssIcon

By Steven Scott

Budding artists take note. Ben Bates walks MTV Geek through his artistic process on Mega Man bringing the hero to life before your eyes. The upcoming New Crusaders artist allows a glimpse behind the curtain with layout sketches and demonstrating the different stages of an upcoming cover from pencils the finished full color version.

The artist is busy leading up to the launch of the Red Circle app premiering the New Crusaders on May 16, another collaboration with Mega Man/Sonic writer Ian Flynn. Not too busy to answer a few questions regarding how he approaches bringing the Blue Bomer to life, noting that the helmet is his most difficult feature to get right. “He's got almost no detail in the rest of him, and then all the most difficult stuff is jam-packed into his head,” acknowledges Bates.

The pencils for Mega Man #12 can be seen on the right, capping off the video game legend’s first year in print. Don’t miss out on the visual spectacle that is Mega Man and subscribe to the series to see what lies beyond.

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