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10/28/2011 11:44 AM RssIcon

Co-CEO Jon Goldwater sat down with CBS News to discuss a very important cause close to the heart of all who work at Archie. This year marked Archie Comics’ 70th year in publishing and what better way to celebrate than to help out the ones who have kept Archie going strong for so long.  The children of the Ronald McDonald House are the special focus of Archie #625, the company’s 70th anniversary issue which concerns one of the gang’s young relatives coping with cancer. Upon discovering the sad truth, the gang do everything within their power to help out and that’s exactly what Archie Comics is striving to do by donating 100% of the issues profits to the Ronald McDonald House charity. As Co-CEO Jon Goldwater puts it, “If you only buy one issue of Archie this year, make it this one.”


A special event was held previously where children of the Ronald McDonald House met with Archie artists Dan Parent and Fernando Ruiz who were more than happy to draw sketches for the kids. It was a perfect way to not only give back to the children but to create a special memory for them. Archie Comics is proud to contribute to the Ronald McDonald House kids and will always keep trying to make a difference in improving their lives.

Do your part by purchasing Archie #625 and in turn donating to the cause!

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