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This week's digital roundup!


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“The Great Switcheroo” – Growing up as a teenage boy can rough! But not more so than a teen girl, right? Upon overhearing the guys and gals of Riverdale grumbling over how the other half has it easier, Sabrina’s mischievous cat Salem turns the town upside down when he dishes out the ultimate genetic makeover! Chaos ensues as the teens discover it’s not as easy to walk in each other’s shoes (or heels!) as they originally thought, so it’s up to Sabrina to set things right! Will Salem’s spell wear off, thus giving the gang a new appreciation for who they are, or will the switch up become permanent? Find out in this off-the-wall issue guest-starring Sabrina the Teenage Witch!
Script: Tania del Rio
Art: Gisele, Rich Koslowski
Cover: Gisele

When the Archies audition for a TV spot, their good luck charms backfire on them, costing them a chance at the big time! Feeling like they blew their big break for national exposure, the group contemplates splitting up, but will a chance encounter help change their minds? Find out if the band can be saved in “Making it BIG!”
Script: George Gladir
Art: Stan Goldberg, Bob Smith
Cover: Dan Parent

Jughead in “Double Talk” – When perennial Chok’lit Shoppe customer Jughead catches wind of a cheaper lunch special at Segarini’s Pizza, Pop’s best customer disappears on him! A bidding war for Jughead’s bucks kicks off as the rival businesses vow to undercut the other until they earn Jug’s loyalty! Which restaurant will become the choice destination for Riverdale’s biggest glutton?
Script: Craig Boldman
Art: Rex Lindsey, Rich Koslowski
Cover: Samm Schwartz


The Archies: Music Mayhem!The Archies: Music Mayhem!
The Archies are back and ready to rock! Jam out with Archie, Jughead, Reggie, Betty and Veronica in this rockin’ new Digital Exclusive! From Riverdale to London and beyond, The Archies are a pop culture sensation! Will the band score their big break? Find out in this 100+ page Digital Exclusive!


Archie & Friends: Back 2 School Special
Archie Digest #258
Archie Digest #259
Archie Digest #261
Archie Digest #263
Archie Digest #264
Betty & Veronica Double Digest #146
Sonic The Hedgehog #104
Sonic The Hedgehog #82
Sonic The Hedgehog #87


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