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Comic Book Resources spoke with Archie Publisher/Co-CEO Jon Goldwater on the recent wave of press surrounding the company, including the recently announced live-action Archie movie by Warner Bros., Afterlife With Archie, the Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch animated series on The Hub, the new Archie mobile game by Gogii Games and more.

In regards to the movie, Goldwater states that Archie will be very involved in the final version of the film, "we've taken our time to assemble this creative team --That makes me feel very comfortable that where we're going with the 'Archie' movie is going to translate the comic book page to the screen. We're all like-minded in our vision. We believe so much in the IP and in the integrity of our characters....
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Kevin Keller kicks it old school again in the Kevin Keller #9 variant, as premiered by AOL’s Comics Alliance. Over the last few months, Kevin has been featured in a series of retro-inspired variant covers by Archie artist Dan Parent. This June, he takes on Dan DeCarlo’s classic cover to Sabrina the Teenage Witch #1! Make sure you don't miss out and subscribe now!

Here is some additional info on Kevin Keller #9:

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch, one of the most iconic characters in the Archie Comics library, turns 50 this month. To celebrate, Archie presents the 50 most fantastical Sabrina stories in a digital compilation entitled  

SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH: 50 MAGICAL STORIES. This news comes on the heels of last week’s announcement that The Hub television network picked up Sabrina’s latest animated series, Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch, set to debut in the summer of 2013.

Not only will this digital exclusive feature the greatest Sabrina stories ever told, collecting over 350 pages of content spanning Sabrina’s entire history, it also includes the never-before-printed origin story, written by Sabrina creator George Gladir.

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Halloween is upon us and with that we’ve got an early treat for fans of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Next summer, everyone’s favorite witch returns to television in a fresh new take on the classic character in “Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch.” Sabrina has enjoyed a long TV history with a string of animated series over the years and, most notably, a live-action ABC series starring Melissa Joan Hart.

Archie Comics is excited for the new Sabrina series to premiere on The Hub and introduce a whole new generation to the first lady of magic.




Ashley Tisdale to Voice the Title Role

LOS ANGELES – The Hub TV network, a destination for kids and their families, announced today that the pop culture phenomenon SABRINA THE TEENAGE...
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By Steven Scott

In today’s New York Post, Archie Comics President Mike Perllerito talked about the upcoming “Reversedale” issue in Archie #636 where a magical twist sees the guys and gals of Riverdale stepping into each other’s shoes. Many questions will be raised, but most importantly, is the grass really greener on the other side?

The UK publication, The Daily Mail, picked up the story about Archie #626 as well as reporting on the recent wedding of Kevin Keller in the sold out Life with Archie #16.

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By Steven Scott

Archie Comics caused a stir on Monday when BuzzFeed debuted the next issue following the Archie Marries Valerie four-parter. As seen below, Archie #636 sees a switch up from business as usual with Sabrina and Salem guest starring. After the covers were unveiled, many more press outlets showcased the images including The Huffington Post, Comic Book Resources, Newsarama, AOL's Comics Alliance, MTV Geek,...
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Even Veronica's unfortunate fashion faux pas won't keep the boys away!

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Sabrina has standards! Possibly a precursor to Archie Meets KISS?

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A few decades ago, on a broomstick not so far away...

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Sabrina just invented a new move: The Air-Witch!

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Umm, Sabrina... you know Halloween is over, right?

By JRotante on 11/1/2011 12:00 PM

Halloween may be over, but the magic still continues with Sabrina the Teenage Witch in this awesome fan art by Debbie P. sent in to! Classic Sabrina can cast us under her spell any time of the year. Nice work, Debbie!